Meet the Board

Jill jill boydJPGBoyd

I live in Framingham and have been a member of Stearns Farm since 2007.  I work part time as a healthcare recruiter and spend most of my time off with my husband and two daughters.  I am passionate about natural living and whole foods and support Stearns Farm because of the commitment it has to high quality organic produce.  I love the peace and tranquility that I experience every time that I am at the farm and am grateful for the exposure to local farming that it has given to our family. I especially love the greens grown at the farm, and the salads and green smoothies that they produce!  I enjoy working with and for a nice community of friends and families.

peterdohertyPeter Doherty

I live in Framingham and work as a Senior Instrumentation Engineer at the Department of Physics at Harvard University, building scientific instruments that are used by astrophysicists. I have been a member of Stearns Farm for ten years and a member of the Board of Directors for four. At Stearns Farm I volunteer by working on construction projects and hauling trash.

I am a part of Stearns Farm because I want my family to, as much as possible, eat vegetables that are grown both organically and locally. It is important to me that I know where the food we eat comes from and that we know it to be both safe and nutritious. It is just as important to me that we eat locally produced food in order to both support the local community and to avoid the environmental impacts of geographically dispersed food production.


Bela Gorbelagormanman

I live in Marlborough and work as a health actuary running my own consulting practice out of my house with my husband Don. I have been a Stearns Farm member since the summer of 2004. That first summer BC (before children), I spent a lot of time at Stearns Farm. It was and still is one of the most beautiful places around. My children are now 9 and 6. They grew up picking and eating food from the farm. My daughter’s favorite vegetable is Swiss chard! I love how the farm has influenced our healthy eating habits. Now that my children are older, I would like to give back to the farm in some way. I have only been a Board member a short time (summer 2014) and I look forward to contributing to the farm in the future.

Jen Kettell

I’m a fairly recent transplant to Natick, with a deep love of all things in the natural world. By trade I am a horticulturist and arborist, with early roots in farming and landscape work. When I moved to MetroWest I wanted to continue participating in a CSA, and I researched the offerings. I chose Stearns, and love everything about our farm: the diverse and dee-lish harvest, the time at the farm during pickup, and—of course—the farmers themselves. I am honored to support Stearns!

Chris Ludwig

I’m a retired project manager, with a degree in landscape architecture. I also have a background in construction from 30 years working in Missouri’s largest Parks and Recreation department. Last year, I became a regular volunteer at Stearns Farm, helping with planting and a variety of other projects.

Jessica Mooraj

I live in Framingham with my husband Hussain and our two daughters, ages 10 and 8. After the birth of our oldest daughter I became committed to feeding my family unprocessed, organic food whenever possible. We’ve taught our children the importance of eating locally and sustainably grown food. We are also dedicated to supporting organizations that make food security part of their mission – especially organizations that assist members of our Metrowest community. We feel fortunate to live just minutes from beautiful Stearns Farm, and we’ve been sharers since 2015.

I spent the early part of my career working in finance, pharmaceutical software sales and higher education. I was a founding Board Member of All Points North Foundation, a non-profit focused on advancing best practices in middle school education and alternative energy, and I currently serve as the Vice President and Chair of the Governance committee on the Board of Trustees of Summit Montessori School in Framingham.

Nomi Sofer

Inomisofer am a freelance writer and editor and have been a sharer at Stearns Farm since 2006, shortly after I moved to Framingham. As a volunteer and a work-for-share I have edited the Farm’s newsletter and managed the website redesign project. I am currently the website editor. I joined the Board of Directors in 2013.

My family and I belong to Stearns Farm because we want to support local agriculture and know where our food comes from as much as possible. I grew up on a vegetable and flower farm where I worked alongside my parents from a young age. I have chosen not to be a farmer, but I have a deep appreciation for the work farmers do. Being a member of Stearns Farm is a way of staying connected to farming even as I live in a suburban environment.