Meet the Board


Adam Fritschle

I am an architect living in Framingham with my family. Since moving to Framingham in 2017, we’ve looked to become more active in our community. I was raised around my family farm, and Stearns has been a great way to connect locally as well as with my roots; and it’s not bad sharing some delicious veggies along the way! It’s wonderful to be so close to the city but have this little oasis, and we love supporting it however we can. I joined the board in 2020 to share my background and experience with buildings, as needed.

Bela Gorman

I live in Marlborough and work as a health actuary running my own consulting practice out of my house with my husband Don. I have been a Stearns Farm member since the summer of 2004. That first summer BC (before children), I spent a lot of time at Stearns Farm. It was and still is one of the most beautiful places around.

My children grew up picking and eating food from the farm (my daughter’s favorite vegetable is Swiss chard!) I love how the farm has influenced our healthy eating habits. Now that my children are older, I would like to give back to the farm in some way. I have been a Board member since 2014, and I look forward to contributing in the future.

Melanie Hardy

Melanie Hardy has been growing veggies and flowers in Eastern Massachusetts for over 16 years, and has been working on farms or as a gardener for 23. She enjoys sewing, knitting, listening to audiobooks, walking in the White Mountains, and cooking delicious food when she’s not farming. She currently lives in Maynard with her longtime partner.

Amy Miller

Amy lives in Natick with her partner and their two children. After moving to Natick, Amy was looking for a way to become involved in her new community, and help her family understand their roles in the environment, so she joined the Stearns Farm board. Amy has spent most of her adult life and career working to address inequality and being a part of Stearns Farm is another extension of that pursuit.

Nomi Sofer

I am a writer and editor who specializes in strategic communications for the public good. My family joined Stearns Farm in 2006, shortly after we moved to Framingham. As a volunteer and a work-for-share I served as the newsletter and website editor for a number of years. I joined the Board of Directors in 2013 and currently serve as Board President.

My family and I belong to Stearns Farm because we want to support local agriculture and preserve our ever-dwindling open space. I grew up on a vegetable and flower farm where I worked alongside my parents from a young age, and while I have chosen not to be a farmer, I have a deep appreciation for the work farmers do. Being a member of Stearns Farm is a way of staying connected to farming even as I live in a suburban environment. 

Updated October 3, 2021