Field Work Requirement

DSCF6297-001Stearns Farm is unique among CSAs in that it allows sharers to work in the fields.  Field work is part of our mission: getting your hands in the soil is guaranteed to give you a deeper understanding of what it takes to grow food in New England’s challenging environment.

  • Classic Summer Share Requirement: 6 hours of fieldwork 
  • Farmer’s Choice Summer Shares Requirement: 4 hours of fieldwork. 
  • Back-to-School Classic Share Requirement: 3 hours of fieldwork
  • Back-to-School Farmer’s Choice Requirement: 2 hours of fieldwork

Working at the farm can be a family affair. Farm work can be tedious and requires a certain amount of care and attention to your surroundings, so please use your discretion when bringing children to help. We typically allow help from children 12 years and older. 

Counting the hours your children have worked as part of your required work hours will be decided at the farmers’ discretion. Please check in at the end of your work hours to discuss this issue.

We especially need help in May and June.  Please note that half of your field work hours must be worked or paid for by July 30th.  To sign up for field work, email Ember Fleming at

If you are unable to work your hours, you may pay the farm to hire someone to work them in your place for $11/hour. If you know how many hours you need to pay for, please send a check to the farm as soon as possible.  If you are unsure of how many hours you owe, contact our Administrative Assistant Barbara Ward at

Work Hours FAQ

Do we work in the rain?  

The crew often works in wet weather, and you are welcome to do the same if you have proper gear and don’t mind getting wet. If the idea of being wet and muddy makes you cranky, please reschedule.

What should I wear?  

Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Sturdy closed-toe shoes that can get dirty.  In hot weather, a hat is essential. Bring a water bottle too. If you want to wear gloves, please bring some from home.

What are the work hour times?

Monday               10 am-noon

Tuesday              10 am-noon

Thursday             10 am-noon

Friday                  10 am-noon

Saturday              10 am-noon 

Do I need to sign up in advance?

Yes. Please email the Farm Manager at to sign up. Please arrive a few minutes before 10AM so you are ready to work when the shift begins. You should plan to stay for the entire two hours.

Do I need to document my work hours? 

Yes! After you have completed your work for the day, look for the sharer work hours clipboard in the greenhouse, find your name and record the date and hours you’ve worked. Note that the clipboard lists only the names of enrolled sharers. If you have arranged privately to split a share, and the required work hours, with an enrolled sharer, your name will not appear on the clipboard. You should record your hours beside the name of the person whose share you are splitting.

Are work hours a form of volunteering?

No. Work hours are a requirement of your share. We welcome any additional volunteer time you can put it at the farm, either by yourself or with a group you would like to bring. To discuss volunteer options at Stearns Farm contact volunteer coordinator Sara Abramovitz:

Updated on June 23, 2022