Subsidized Share

We are working to make Stearns Farm CSA shares accessible to everyone in our community. We invite anyone who is facing hardship or is in need of financial assistance to fill out a request form for our 2022 Subsidized CSA Shares. The information you share with us will remain confidential and we won’t ask for any documentation. 

If you are a current member who is facing unforeseen hardship since signing up for your share, please fill out a request form, tell us you’re a current sharer, and we will see if we can assist you in some way. If you know someone who could benefit from this program, please encourage them to fill out a request form.

We hope to be able to meet everyone’s needs, but we can’t guarantee that. At this time we are unable to offer the use of SNAP, WIC or HIP programs but will work on offering these options in the future.

Please fill out a request form here.

For a request form in Spanish, click here.

If you have further questions about our subsidized shares, please email Barbara at