Winter Share








The Winter Share at Stearns Farm is a way to stay connected to the food we eat as the weather turns colder and the fields prepare for their winter rest. The Winter Share is distributed in two monthly pickups (November and December) and while the contents of the share are subject to change based on availability, they can expect to see things like spinach, pea tendrils, onions, fresh cranberries, popcorn, winter squash and a variety of root vegetables including potatoes, carrots, diakon radishes and turnips. Veggies are all packed into a bushel box for easy pickup.

Pick up dates

The 2022 Winter Share consists of two pickups, currently scheduled for Saturday, November 19th and Saturday, December 17th between 10AM – 2PM. These dates are somewhat weather dependent, but if we have to change them, they will definitely be before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are unable to pick up during these hours due to religious observance or other factors, please contact Ember at to make alternative pickup arrangements.


$140 + $10 membership fee (for non-current members). There is no work hour requirement for the 2022 Winter Share.

Updated on September 11, 2022