Penelope’s Garden

Nestled on the right past the picnic table, Penelope’s Garden was first planted in the 1950s by Penelope Turton, who founded Stearns Organic Farm and farmed the land until 1990. Originally designed as an English-style garden, the space is full of fragrant and unexpected treasures at every step.

We invite you to stop by and explore the space next time you visit the farm, and to learn about the different plants, especially tea herbs, growing there. Walk past the pavilion and you will find the garden on your right. Take a moment or two to stroll through, engage with all your senses, reflect, and enjoy this little oasis at Stearns Farm.

As with the herbs in the Culinary Herb Garden, sharers can harvest the plants in Penelope’s Garden that are marked with stars. We simply ask that visitors stay on the marked path, be gentle when handling the plants and take only what can be used in a week’s time. And when you return home, perhaps put the kettle on and raise a cup of tea to Penelope.