Stearns Farm Cookbook 2020 Recipe Submission Form

Use this form to submit your recipes to the Stearns Farm Cookbook! We want our cookbook to represent how our Stearns Farm community enjoys their CSA share, so we encourage you to share recipes for any type of dish, in any food tradition.

If you’re like us, however, you probably improvise ingredient quantities, cooking times, and the steps you follow. By observing the guidelines below as you fill out the submission form, you can help to ensure that any reader can make your favorite recipe.

General guidelines

  • Each recipe must include at least one ingredient that comes from your summer or winter farm share (fruit from your fruit share counts, too). It does not have to be the main ingredient.
  • Recipes should serve 4-8 people. Estimates are OK.
  • Please submit only recipes that you have cooked yourself.
  • We can only publish original recipes. Because the basics of many recipes are the same, however, we can consider using recipes inspired by another source if your version is substantially different from what was published. If you got the idea for your recipe from a published source, please include a reference to the original source (either a link, if it is from a blog or website, or the title and author of the cookbook you used) and include a note about what you have changed. Do not submit recipes that you cook step by step from a recipe published by someone else.
  • Include your name and a way to contact you in case we have questions.
  • Please see our sample recipe for an example of how to write yours.

Recipe submission form
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If you have something you want readers to know about the recipe that isn’t in the instructions, include it here. Examples may be where it came from, why it is special to you, when you serve it, or advice you have about the level of effort your recipe needs, its suitability for crowds or occasions, or its appeal to different eaters.

Please list the ingredients in the order they are added to the recipe. Put the form of ingredient immediately after the ingredient (examples: 3 large carrots, peeled and sliced in thin half moons/ 3 cloves garlic, peeled/ 2 medium potatoes, scrubbed well). Write out all measurements (examples: teaspoon, Tablespoon, ⅓ cup). If there is an ingredient that does not have an exact measurement, include some type of detail to guide readers (examples: sea salt, to taste/ Extra virgin olive oil, enough to coat the bottom of pan/ A handful parsley, roughly chopped).

Please list the preparation steps numbered, in paragraph form, beginning with any instructions for preheating (if needed) and preparing pots or pans (example: grease 9x13 inch baking pan). Use the names of the ingredients with the directions (example: “combine oil & vinegar”). Include temperature settings and cooking, chilling, baking and/or freezing times if needed. If you cook by sight, or texture, provide that information along with, or instead of, cooking times (examples: saute the onions for 10 minutes, or until softened and golden; puree until creamy, about 3 minutes).

If ingredients can be substituted (such as spinach instead of Swiss chard, or sweet potato instead of butternut squash), note these variations at the end of the recipe.

Include any expert advice about making the dish or finding ingredients here (examples: this dish is best the second day/it can be frozen/find this spice at an Indian grocery store). If your recipe is based on another source, please explain here how you have changed the original recipe.

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