Splitting Shares

Sometimes a sharer finds that a full share is too much food or wishes to split their share for another reason. Splitting shares is permitted at Stearns Farm, but it is subject to a number of policies, which are outlined below. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these policies should you decide to split your share.

What is share splitting?

Share splitting occurs when an enrolled sharer makes a private arrangement to divide their Stearns Farm produce on a regular basis with someone who is not an enrolled sharer.  Regular basis can be anything from weekly division of the produce (or biweekly for an alternate week share) to assigning some pickup days to one party and some to the other.  The split share recipient generally pays money to the enrolled sharer to cover their portion of the share, and may also perform part of the required work hours.

What is NOT share splitting?

Having someone pick up your share due to an unexpected event or while you are vacationing, or occasionally giving extra produce from your share to someone else.

How do I get a split share?

Share splitting is a private arrangement between people.  You need to find a sharer who wants to split and come to an agreement with them. Alternatively, you may purchase a share yourself (if available) and plan to split it with someone you know.  Stearns does not do any matching or otherwise get involved.

If it is a private arrangement, why does the Stearns organization care about share splitting?

We genuinely want members who receive split shares to feel completely welcome at the farm and part of our little community.  Stearns recognizes that share splitting makes the most sense to some people rather than the alternatives, and we welcome the chance to feed and educate a larger community. However, if done incorrectly, share splitting can place an extra burden on our staff, volunteers and facilities.  This is not fair to anyone.

Must split share recipients become Stearns Farm members?

Yes.  Stearns Farm requires that all split share recipients join Stearns Farm as members and tell us who they are receiving their split share from.  This allows us to keep track of who is who in our farm community, orient them, communicate with them, etc.  The tax-deductible membership fee is nominal: only $5 per year, and it supports our educational programs. There are other membership benefits as well.

What does a split share recipient need to know about pickups and work hours?

Basically they need to know everything an enrolled sharer does.  We hold orientation sessions for new sharers at the beginning of each harvest season and strongly encourage new split share recipients to attend.  If this is not possible, then the enrolled sharer should instruct them or see that they receive instruction.  When a split share recipient picks up the share or does work hours, they must remember to check off the pickup or work hours for the enrolled sharer.

Can the enrolled sharer and the split recipient separately pick up just their half of the weekly share at the farm?

No.  We request that if you are dividing a day’s share that one party do the pickup or that you come together in one vehicle and do it together.

Can the enrolled sharer and the split recipient both come to the pickup at the same time and divide their produce at the farm?

Yes, but we request that 1) you come together in one vehicle and 2)you divide your produce in a spot where you are not interfering with other sharers. Please DO NOT divide your produce under the tent or in the parking lot.

Who is responsible for paying for the share and doing the required sharer work hours?

The enrolled sharer holds full responsibility.  All share related payments must come from the enrolled sharer. The required work hours may be performed by either or both parties, but the hours need to be credited to the enrolled sharer on the clipboard in the office. Lastly, the enrolled sharer is still held responsible if the split share recipient does not do their agreed part.

Can the enrolled sharer pass on their priority to buy a share next year to the split share recipient if they decide not to re-enroll?

No.  If there is more demand for shares than shares available, then renewing sharers get priority.  Split share recipients and anyone else who wants to enroll are sorted according to their accumulated membership points and join date. That determines who gets to purchase a share.