Pickup Information

IMG_1402On pick-up day the produce will be arranged under the tent, market style.  The quantities of each type of vegetable will be indicated on chalk boards.  Your share will range from 5-15 lbs. per week, depending on the the season. Check out the harvest chart for an overview of what you can expect in your share at different times.

Please be mindful that pick-ups begin at 2PM and end at 7PM. Please plan to leave the fields (PYO) by 6:50 or so because the farmer who stays to close up wants to head home shortly after 7. Please allow enough time for the pickup process, both under the tent and in the fields.

Please park in the parking lot in a diagonal fashion, this has proved to be safest.

We do not provide any bags, baskets or containers for transporting your produce home.  We recommend that you bring:

  • Plastic bags to put individual vegetables in (save your produce bags from the supermarket).  Be sure to bring bags for loose greens like spinach and salad mix, even if you put other produce into a basket or a box.
  • Shopping bags, baskets, or boxes in which to carry your produce to your car.
  • Pint and quart containers for picking the Pick-Your-Own crops into.  Quantities of each crop will be designated in terms of pints and quarts.  Save containers from supermarket produce and bring them with you to the farm.
  • A travel cup or other container that holds water to put your cut flowers into (beginning in July, when the flower garden opens for picking).
  • Scissors or small shears for cutting flowers (there are some scissors at the farm, but they can be in high demand).

When you come to the farm, plan to spend at least an hour gathering your share of vegetables. You may need more time during the height of the pick-your-own season (July-September).


Weights and Measures

Please weigh your produce very carefully. Your share each week is carefully calculated based on the harvest. If you weigh “over” by a few ounces, it impacts everyone. Please honor this essential component of your CSA community and your commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Weight vs. volume: Please note that pick up under the tent is by weight or each (e.g., one head of lettuce). PYO in the field is by volume. Click here for information about PYO 


What happens if I am unable to pick-up on my assigned day?

For a one time schedule change (vacation, travel, etc.), speak to Susan Peters at the farm, call 508-202-0387, or email farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org. You may only pick up your share once in a calendar week.

For a permanent change to your pick-up day contact Frann Bennett at admin@stearnsfarmcsa.org or call her at 978-440-9307. Keep in mind that we may not be able to accommodate switch requests because we have to keep the number of sharers picking up on each day balanced so we can ensure sufficient produce for everyone.


Can a friend pick up my share if I am going to be away?

Yes. It would be helpful if your friend accompanied you the week before so that he/she will understand the procedures for picking up at Stearns Farm.

All produce that is left over at the end of the pick-up day is taken to a food pantry or homeless shelter.


What about rainy days?

Farm pickups happen rain or shine.  If it’s wet and you don’t want to do the PYO portion of your pickup, you can come back the next day (or the next dry day).  If there’s thunder/lightning around we may close the fields to PYO until the thunderstorm passes, but you can still come get your share under the tent. It is extremely rare for the farm to cancel a pickup due to bad weather.  You will be notified via email if a pickup is cancelled.