Work Hours Signup

Welcome to the Stearns Farm CSA Sharers Work Hours Sign up Sheet.

You will use this sheet to sign up for dates to fulfill your required work hours – 12 hours for full summer shares, 6 hours for alternate week summer sharers.  The winter share has a 2 hour work requirement.

At least half of your work hours must either be performed or paid for (at $10/hour) by July 18th. The rest must be performed or paid for by October 31st.

Each work slot is for 2 hours, (10am-Noon mornings or 2-4pm afternoons), but YOU NEED TO ARRIVE 15min EARLY (9:45am or 1:45pm) so that the farm staff can allocate/direct you and the other sharers to the various available farm jobs. Please sign up at least one day in advance!  There is no internet service at the farm for the staff to be checking for same-day signups.

Early season work often includes Greenhouse work (through May) and planting. Mid-season work tends more toward weeding and harvesting. Toward the end of the harvest season there will be more cleanup and getting the farm ready for the winter. Generally, required work hours should be done in the field or greenhouse unless you have challenges that will not allow you to work in that capacity.  In addition, there are many tasks related to carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and other handy work that are needed as well.

Signing up is easy! Just find the date you want to work at the left (scroll down if necessary) and click on one open work slot to the right (indicated by the word *Open* ). You then select either your userid (TomYelton) or your userid followed by an asterisk (TomYelton*) if you will be bringing children.  If more than one adult from your family will be working on a given date then sign up for as many slots as you need. After you have selected  all the slots you want you must click on the Submit Button — if you do not then your signups will not be recorded.  After your signups are recorded they are highlighted.  Be sure to mark your work dates on your personal calendar too — this system will not send you a reminder. You are responsible for getting yourself there on time.

If you need to Cancel an assigned work hour commitment:  Do this as early as possible, but at least a day before your work date. Go to the sign up sheet as before, find the slot(s) you want to release, and change the selection(s) to Open and click Submit to record your changes.

One more thing: this sign up system is only for scheduling work hours, not for keeping track of hours actually worked. Be sure to fill in the hours you worked on the SHARER WORK HOUR clipboard at the farm on the day that you do the work.